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Twitter Song: How to Use Twitter, Sort of…

Here’s a little silly song I wrote while messing around after some conversations about the sometimes misguided and misinformed try their hand at the social media site

Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people forget that what they’re ‘saying’ is being read, and saved to be read (or found by SE’s later!).

Twitter is something I do use, participate in/with, but I’m by no means a maven. I like to think I’m pretty much the kind of user Twitter wants and works best for: someone who wants to have real time conversations about topics of interest with a wide variety of people that I have a connection, in some way, with, and to share a thing or two I find interesting/helpful/useful.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Feel free to leave a comment here, or at YouTube if you prefer, or pass this along.

Here’s the lyrics just in case my Kentucky accent got in your way :-)

Tweet, tweet, twiddly-diddly-deet 3X

Maybe you’ve tried your hand,
At the latest net phenom.
In 140 strokes or less,
Share your life at
As long as you keep it clean,
Write anything at hand,
But some folks need to realize
“Don’t say it just because you can!”


I don’t care about
the kind of coffee in your cup.
And I don’t give a hoot about
where your dog threw up.
Don’t send me links to sites
to help my organ grow.
Share something interesting
I might really like to know.


Be careful who you follow,
and who follows you.
And telling everyone everything
in your day you do.
Just heed these words carefully,
or it could be your loss;
That silly @work follower,
Just might be your boss!


But if you really get it,
and you’re none of the above,
you’ve got a life, but still some time,
then sign yourself up.
And if you think I’ve got some things,
you might like to see,
Then take some time to look me up,
And click the link to “Follow Me”


Yes, I ‘sampled’ from a little J5 for the ‘twiddly-diddly-deet’ :-) And yes, it’s hard to keep saying that without tripping over your tongue, hehheh.

And, oh yeah, if you want to follow me on Twitter…

Finishing classes for now.

Today I had last class for several classes at Chukyo University.

It was another very interesting and fun semester.

Today in last period (4th) I took a couple of photos of the group just before everyone left and wanted to post them so the students could share them as well.

Here they are. If you’re in this group (my OC V-VI 4th period) then feel free to copy them from here.

Last Class, hurrah :-)

Last Class, hurrah :-)

The real last hurrah! Thanks, gang! :-)

The real last hurrah! Thanks, gang! :-)

I have some larger file versions as well so if you need or want them, you can get them from here:

See you guys later.