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Domain buyer enquiry scams

I, like many others out there who have a number of domains (er, especially un/under-developed ones :-) get a fair number of enqueries about them. Most of the enqueries are just junk, some are actual spam, but this one appears to be a scam for an appraisal service.

email’s like this:

We are interested to buy your domain name xvxvxvxvx.COM and offer to buy it from you for 80% of the appraised market value.

As of now we accept appraisals from either one of the following leading appraisal companies:


If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us.

As soon as we have received your appraisal we will send you our payment (we use paypal for amounts less than $2,000 and escrow for amounts above $2,000) as well as further instructions on how to complete the transfer of the domain name.

We appreciate your business,

Yours truly,

Kevin Hill

Don’t know for sure what the scam is, but appears to be trying to drive folks to the first appraisal site link ( –sound too much like ‘fleece’ to anyone besides me?) which was registered in July of this year, and offers lower prices than Sedo (um, who doesn’t? :-)

A couple of notes on checking authenticity:

1. Real buyers that represent companies don’t use gmail (well, except to forward/manage email) as their primary contact information.

2. Real buyers don’t ask for your payment options and promise to send the money before you have worked out the transfer process.

Good luck selling any domains or sites you have, but do your homework and deal with reputable buyers/sellers.