Archive for September 2010 – Sensible Gold Investing Recommendations?

Thought this was pretty interesting. Hoped you would, too :-)

These days everyone is on the hunt for ‘safe’ investments, and the S & P will drive you crazy. There’s a ton of so-called ‘advice’ out there about investing in general, and just about as much about investing in gold.

There’s also more than a fair share of crackpots out there recommending some pretty scary investments, particularly in gold.

Today I was pointed to a site that is the most sensible I’ve seen yet (ok, it’s really the first sensible one :-) )

They’re not selling anything as far as I can see, but are providing some great information about investing in gold, and they have a free newsletter with some great info on the 7 Biggest Gold Investing Mistakes and more.

Some pretty interesting articles there, too.

Check out some of these titles:

What Your 401(k) Should NOT Invest in

Why Warren Buffet Is Wrong About Gold

What is the “Fair” Price for Gold Right Now?

Was There Really a Secret Message Inside President Lincoln’s Gold Watch?

Avoid These Myths About Gold Bullion Coins

Comparing Investing in Gold to the S&P 500

I thought the secret inscription inside Lincoln’s watch story was fascinating. But then again, I’m the ‘secret’ sort of guy, hehheh.

Lots of good, free information that is both informative and interesting.

Take a second and run over there and check it out. Sign up for the newsletter too while you’re there. Oh, and feel free to let me know what you think about that site, and about investing in gold as well.

Just head on over to American Bullion