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Dan Murray visits Nagoya

So I was lucky and got the chance to meet in person someone I’ve ‘known’ online for several years.

He’s in Japan (Osaka) visiting family and made a quick trip over to see me here in Nagoya. We didn’t do anything exciting, and still, I had a great time visiting with him and treating him to some top-notch Ramen done right :-)

It was really great finally meeting in person and I’m looking forward to getting together with him again some time.

Here are a couple of pictures, just snapshots I took.

It was not really much time, but I’m glad we could get together.

Thanks, Dan, for making the trip over!

UPDATE: So, have I been found out? Did the real Dan Murray actually visit? It seems new photos have surfaced casting doubts upon the validity of my earlier photos. These photos provided by a secret agent, code name Question Lion:

HINT: click this four-shot photo in the rows above to get more on that story…

Allen Williams and a cast of stars

Allen Williams and a cast of stars

Ahn’s 9th Birthday

Wow, hard to believe my youngest is now 9 and it also marks 9 years I’ve been living and working in Japan.

Ahn asked for a ninja suit for his birthday present.

Now, you’d imagine that living in the land of ninjas it wouldn’t be too difficult to meet that request, right?

Not as easy as you’d think. I’m sure there are a number of those paper-ish, Halloween, wear-it-once-and-it’s-done sorts around, but these guys love this sort of thing.

They’ve totally worn out and outgrown their Spiderman suits we got at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, as well as their Batman costumes they received when Mommy was away in China on sabbatical… (those little buggers have since cabbaged onto my Batman suit and are using it!)

Anyway, they’re really in to making videos and role playing (no idea where they get that :-) ) so we were looking for something of fairly high quality material that was durable and looked great.

We ended up going online and ordering these from one of the Ninja Mura’s (ninja village). But it is located in Mie Prefecture so we had no time to travel there (plans in the works though!) and just called them up.

One great part about ordering things in Japan is that there are still a lot of COD-type deliveries. For me, I’d prefer using my credit card or Paypal, but it’s still pretty convenient to just order it and pay when it arrives.

Here are a few photos from the day: