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Blank page in wp-admin after updating

This is just about parr for the course for me for the last few days. 3 of my sites have issues I can’t seem to resolve, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when the usual WordPress update came along and my admin panel went blank after an update failure.

I have had this in the past and got the ‘maintenance mode’ error, so I went straight away and deleted that file in the root folder.

Still blank.

All of the wp-admin pages just showed up blank, no error messages. The login page worked, but after logging in everything went blank.

Strangely enough the site itself, this one, worked fine, but I was unable to access the admin control panel to do any troubleshooting.

If this happens to you, it really is a pretty simple fix, but it will involve re-uploading a new install of WordPress.

Download the latest version (do this again, even if you just did it) to make sure you have the latest and uncorrupted version.

Just go in via FTP and rename the wp-admin and wp-includes folders (I usually just append -OLD to the folders).

Then FTP all of the files except for the wp-content folder in the new WordPress install folder into the folder where your wordpress install resides.

You can do the others from the wp-content folders separately. I usually do them individually since I have my sets of plugins and themes that have been tweaked.

Then go to and you should be okay.

I hope so anyway.

Leaders are born, not made? Skip Bayless is also Skip Clueless about Leaders

Skip Bayless should say less because he’s Clueless about what it takes to be a leader.

Holy cow. I’ve never been a fan of the ranting, raving, yelling, over-the-top analysts whether they’re in finance or sports or politics.

Yelling does not make your point more clear.

NOTE: FTR, I am not a Giants fan, nor an Eli fan, but I do respect and admire accomplishment.

I understand that in order to stand out in the group of penguins you need to do something to differentiate yourself, but Skip Bayless is absolutely ridiculous with his statements about leadership – case in point, this time, is his rant about Eli Manning not being a leader, and not being able to have become one.

‘Leaders are born, not made’ has to be one of the biggest lies about leadership, and yet it is still perpetuated and believed.

If leaders can’t be made, then why are there so many leadership books, training seminars, and classes out there that corporations even pay for employees to access, use, or attend?

Because it is actually a fact that in the right environment, in any group, someone will step to the front and be the leader.


Take any group of the wimpiest, weakest, easiest to be led people, put them in a closed environment, and one of them will emerge as the leader.

This means that you _can_ make a leader – or that anyone can and will become a leader once the right motivation, stimulation, education, and situation are found.

Is this what happened with Eli Manning? In a way, not so extreme though. He grew, other more outspoken leaders have left, he stepped in and filled the leadership void. Seems simple enough to me.

So, Skip why not think a little before getting those veins going in your neck?

Perhaps the world would be a better place if you were Skip Sayless? My world would be.